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Thursday, August 18, 2016


All Are Welcome!
We're holding our first drive for backpacks and school supplies for all the children of the community.   Click here for all the details, or contact

This Week

Remember the sabbath day. Call the sabbath a delight. This is the Lord’s day, and the Lord will do for us what the Lord does: feed us, forgive us, help and heal us. Rejoice at all the wonderful things God is doing.

Readings and Psalm

  • Isaiah 58:9b-14
    Do not trample the sabbath, but feed the hungry
  • Psalm 103:1-8
    The Lord crowns you with mercy and steadfast love. (Ps. 103:4)
  • Hebrews 12:18-29
    You have come to the city of the living God and to Jesus
  • Luke 13:10-17
    Jesus heals a crippled woman on the sabbath and is condemned
    Seeking Volunteers to Build Community!

    Our community meals have become one of the highlights of each week at First Trinity.  They are free meals, shared by community members, and enjoyed by everyone who is able to come.  Community meals are a safe place for our homeless neighbors to rest and have something to eat, a gathering place for our seniors, and a great way to meet neighbors, volunteers, and others in our community.

    We need some help!  We need volunteers to help prepare,  serve, and clean up after meals, twice a week.  Volunteers can donate food for the meal or use items from our pantry to create a meal.

    If you think this is something you are interested in doing, please contact Rene at  We hope to find volunteers to sign up once a month, or as able.  We also welcome youth groups, church groups, groups of friends, community organizations, and others to participate as able.
    August Calendar!

    If you would like me to include your birthday (or your children's birthdays) please let me know!
    Sunday: Worship 10:30 am
    Monday: Office Closed
    Tuesday: Lectio Divinia 9 am, God's Closet 5-7, Books to Prisoners 5-9, Bible Study 7 pm
    Friday - God's Closet 10-noon, Office Hours 10-Noon, AA 8:00

    Last Saturday of Each Month - 7pm Ben's Movie Night

    Last Sunday of Each Month - 9:15am The Lutheran Magazine Discussion Group

    Check out some of the groups who meet or perform in our space: The Bridge, Bridgeport Alliance, The Glint, LGBT Neighbors in Bridgeport, Midwest Books to Prisoners, The Group Project, Windy City Opera, and more!

    Did you know, First Trinity is a member of Concordia Cemetery?
    If you have news for the benefit of the community, please send it to
    8/25/2016    Bridgeport Alliance
    8/27/2016    Ben's Movie Night
    8/28/2016    Living Lutheran
    9/4/2016    Rally Day
    9/5/2016    Labor Day
    9/24/2016    Ben's Movie Night
    9/25/2016    Living Lutheran, Guest Preacher
    9/29/2016    Bridgeport Alliance
    10/9/2016    Pet Blessing
    10/27/2016    Bridgeport Alliance
    10/29/2016    Ben's Movie Night
    10/30/2016    Reformation Sunday and Oktoberfest!
    10/31/2016    Reformation Day
    11/6/2016    All Saints Sunday and Did de los Muertos
    11/6/2016    Daylight Saving Time ends
    11/8/2016    Election Day
    11/13/2016    St. Martin's Day Sale
    11/20/2016    Christ the King
    11/24/2016    Thanksgiving
    11/26/2016    Ben's Movie Night
    11/27/2016    Living Lutheran
    12/24/2016    Christmas Eve
    12/25/2016    Christmas Day
    12/31/2016    New Year's Eve

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