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Thursday, November 19, 2015

31st Street Bus!


Bridgeport Alliance is proud to announce that our efforts have been met with partial success!  As announced by Alderman Patrick Thompson earlier today, the Chicago Transit Authority has agreed to reinstate the 31 bus line on an experimental basis.

This victory comes after three years of work byBridgeport Alliance, which has organized various meetings and events to both raise awareness and push decision makers to fund and reinstate the 31st Street route; hosting Bike/Rolls along the route, mounting photo petitions, meeting with senators, alderman, commissioners, and state reps, and convening public meetings, among other efforts.  Our 2014 lobbying trip to Dan Lipinki’s front door—we found him gardening—was particularly spirited.  Recently, building an alliance with North Side activists by forming theCTA31/CTA11 Crosstown Bus Coalition was particularly important.  The support of Aldermen Patrick Thompson (11th Ward), Ameya Pawar (47th Ward), and Michele Smith (43rd Ward) has also been pivotal.

Stay tuned for more information about a celebratory party!

We would like to thank the Crosstown Coalition, the aldermen, and the Coalition for a Better Chinese American Community for being our staunch allies.  Especially, thank you, people of Bridgeport and Chinatown, for your fighting spirit.

Information on the specifics of the pilot route is incomplete, so let’s keep up the activism!  Please check back to our blog for more on this exciting development in the coming days.


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