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Thursday, July 9, 2015


All Are Welcome!
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This Sunday

When Amos told what he saw when God held up the plumb line of justice next to Israel—that the poor were being trampled—he was a threat to the power of priests and king. John the Baptist also spoke truth to power, and Herod had him beheaded. In Herod's fear that Jesus is John returned from the dead, we may hear hope for the oppressed: that all the prophets killed through the ages are alive in Jesus. We are called to witness to justice in company with them.

Readings: Amos 7:7-15, Psalm 85:8-13, Ephesians 1:3-14, Mark 6:14-29

And... Toby is preaching!
#MoralMondaysIL Our next action will take place on Monday, July 13, at 10:30am at the James R. Thompson Center, 100 W Randolph St.  

If the return of the 31st Street bus is important to you, join us on   
Wednesday, July 15at 10:00am, CTA Headquarters (567 W Lake St).  

The kids are coming back from Lutherdale today!  We look forward to hearing all of their new games, songs, and prayers.  Thanks again to everyone who helped to make this trip happen!
#FTP & #FTVP hanging out by the crumbling paint.  We're most of the way there!  If you've been meaning to donate to the building fund but have not yet done it, here's the link!  Let's make sure that our worship space continues to be a sanctuary and home!  Details hereDonate here.

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