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Friday, June 12, 2015

The Art Bowl wrap up!

The Art Bowl was a huge success!

We raised $1100 for the First Trinity Kid's Activity Fund, 
which will be used to send 7 kids to camp this summer.

Special thanks to:

Cooks - Tom, Dan, Erica, Melissa, Rene, and Roxy

Raffle Prize Donors - Roseann, Ace Bakery, Kevin, Ricobene's, Rene, Dan, and Alicia

Volunteers - Alicia, Renee, Yamara, Mary, Bobby, Diana, Ricky, Liz, Giovanni, Isaiah, Roxy, Desiree, Xavier, Jovanna

DJ - Bryon

Organizers - Dan, Rene

Artist - Dan Pugh - Eugene Barnett & Associates 

And to everyone who came out and bought a bowl.  
We hope you had a great time, and look forward to next year!

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