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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Energy Updates

I have some exciting news!  We've talked about this at our annual meeting and in other conversations, but now it's happening:  We are updating some of the lighting in the community center.  This includes new fixtures in the kitchen, bathroom, chapel and auditorium.  We can expect to save over $600 per year on energy costs and 5684 Kilowatt Hours per year.

According to the EPA by reducing 5,684 Kilowatt Hours Per Year we will reduce the production and emission of the following pollutants: (emissions are in pounds per year) Carbon Dioxide Emissions 12,789 Sulphur Dioxide Emissions 99 Nitrogen Oxide Emissions 47.  That's awesome! 

Here is how this works: a few weeks back Tom Fashing and I took Mike Stanch from Energy Solutions International  on a tour of our buildings and provided him with copies of energy bills.  Mike made his recommendations to the synod Environmental Concerns Working Group who approved First Trinity for an interest free loan to cover the upgrades.  First Trinity has been awarded a small loan to pay for the upgrades which we will pay back over time based on the savings that we see from the project.  Part of the project will be covered by an incentive rebate from ComEd.

Anyone interested in seeing the energy audit, or related documents is encouraged to talk to me.  

In a letter explaining the terms of the loan, Ken Westlake, Chair, Environmental Concerns Working Group for MCSELCA said, "We thank your congregation for taking this action to upgrade your energy efficiency and being good stewards of God's creation." Which is exactly what I was thinking :)  

- Rene

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