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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Feed Somebody


Dear Neighbor,

As you are aware, both hunger and homelessness in our communities continue to be pressing issues, as many of our neighbors—our sisters and brothers—suffer from a crashed economy, job loss, or the inability to find work.

Though it is not a permanent solution to the crisis, in response to the current crisis, while our neighbors and families still struggle, members of South Loop Campus Ministry (SLCM) and First Trinity Lutheran Church have started to do something about it.

Every Sunday evening, at Grace Place (637 S. Dearborn), we gather for the SLCM South Loop Campus Community Meal, to prepare a hot meal, and to share that meal with students, volunteers, the homeless, and other community members. After dinner, we deliver 50-100 sack-lunches, socks, and sanitary napkins to the streets, taking them to our homeless neighbors who were not at the meal. We started this endeavor with about twelve people, and have grown, in less than a year, to about fifty. Youth Groups from across the state and other volunteers frequently visit to participate.

Additionally, Tuesday evenings, 5-7PM, at First Trinity (643 W. 31st St.) we distribute free, donated clothing to community members in need. About once per month we provide a big community meal for the shoppers, and any community members who'd like to participate.

While what we do may be seen as charity, we like to think of it as community. We share the gifts we receive with our neighbors—and they share what they have. So far this has been an amazing endeavor.

We are inviting you to participate! Our funding is limited, and we want this work to continue. Here's what we need each week: Food—enough to prepare a meal for 50-60 hungry people – or an already prepared meal if you are a restaurant, grocery store, or chef; 100 paper sack-lunch bags, baggies for sandwiches, 10 loaves of bread, 4 jars of peanut butter, 4 jars of jelly, 50-100 bags of chips, 60 bottled beverages, ice to keep beverages cool in (in the summer), 50-100 pieces of soft fruit (oranges, bananas, etc.) and plastic gloves for meal preparation. Also useful are sanitary napkins, tampons, socks, hand sanitizer, and other useful things for hygiene, eating or for living!

Weekly or one-time donations are deeply appreciated. We are happy to publicly thank you via printed media, social media, and the web. We'll also provide a letter of receipt for you tax-deductible donation!

You may contact Rev. Tom Gaulke, 773.979.3383,, for any additional information, or to set up a donation today!

Thank You!

First Trinity, Bridgeport and South Loop Campus Ministry

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